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what is Inkable?

What good is a brand if it isn't in some way memorable?


Inkable is a branding and design company founded by Michael Bell. Michael has over 20 years of design experience working with various companies. Michael earned a bachelors degree in graphic design and followed it up with a masters of fine arts degree in the same field. Design...specifically brand building, is a passion as he enjoys the process of brand development, as well as helping others achieve their business goals through professional design that stands out within its market by simply being memorable.

When not designing, Michael enjoys spending time with family, sports, such as
basketball and golf, and watching a good movie.


what do clients have to say?


Stephen L.

Client, Vantage Point Podcast


Michael is incredibly creative, thorough, and professional. He masterfully takes you along a journey from a rough idea in your head to a beautiful, compelling logo.

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