More than just designers,
but a help in creating solutions to problems.

Also Thinkers. Researchers. Strategizers. We don't just make things that look pretty and professional. But we make it pretty and professional with a specific purpose. 




To love design is to love the process of design development.


What good is a brand if it isn't in some way memorable and etched on the mind? With Inkable, it's our goal to create effective brands and visual communications that do just that....communicate. But of course there are right ways and wrong ways to communicate. So we look to find the best way–for your business.


Inkable is a full-service branding and design studio founded by Michael Bell. Inkable is an alternative to those overly priced agencies and that inexperienced teen Photoshop guru. With 20 years of design and marketing related experience, Michael has worked with various companies develop and manage brands. Michael earned a bachelors degree in graphic design and followed it up with a masters of fine arts degree in the same field. Design...specifically brand building, is a passion as he enjoys the process of brand development, as well as helping others achieve their business goals through professional deliverables that stands out within its market by simply being memorable.


Design is in the details.

Brand Development

Of course the development of your brand is one of the most important pieces of your business. It's a process and one that we are here to walk you through...step by step in order to develop what's unique and best for your business rather than something that is a cookie cutter solution that may not work.


We don't do what we do for the sake of just doing something. But we plan, research and think through the best ways to communicate (or develop) your brand message. 

Brand Management

Got an existing brand or one that we've created? Well, with all the many marketing pieces and deliverables your business may have, we understand that managing them with the intent to stay on brand can be a challenge. However, a challenge that we are happy to help with!


Creating believers requires reaching the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Whether that means traditional media, programmatic, OTT or PPC, our media strategy, planning, and buying team makes it happen with powerful tools and prominent partnerships.


Creative campaigns to reach your audience where they are. Creating believers takes big ideas that can span an omnichannel universe. We produce integrated content to do just that.


Even if it's not in our wheelhouse directly, we still have numerous avenues in which we work with other professionals to get the appropriate content. So don't fret about contacting multiple vendors as we are you one stop resource for your business branding content.

Oh....clients do talk.


Stephen L.

Client, Vantage Point Podcast


Michael is incredibly creative, thorough, and professional. He masterfully takes you along a journey from a rough idea in your head to a beautiful, compelling logo.

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