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2 color pantone + black

finding muse

Finding Muse was a project proposal to MTV for a reality TV show submitted by the client. The objective of this project was to create a visual icon and overall brand that is consistent with the purpose of Finding Muse. The purpose of Finding Muse is to provide insight into what it takes for females music artists to make it. However, all content was intended to be positive and inspirational to women of young ages globally. The brand was to include certain mandatory items requested by the client which served as a visual road maps for the organization and potential investors. Representing those items in a non-intrusive and simplified way proved challenging. A simple icon and brand was created that is easily recognizable and represented the overall image that the founder wanted to portray.

Project role:
brand and concept development, logo design, print vendor management, photography, and video production and direction

Featured deliverables: (click items below)

brand guide (portions)


bus shelter ad


portable usb 

vinyl record design

2 color magenta option


logo with typeface unstacked

color contrast treatment

clear space treatment


logo with typeface stacked

logo typeface alone stacked

logo typeface alone unstacked

Primary typeface option

Secondary typeface option