grooming store

Grooming Store is a fairly new (est. 2017) retailer with its primary target being the modern day male who pays particular attention to and doesn't mind spending a bit extra on his grooming. The development of the Grooming Store brand was probably one of the most beloved and yet extensive projects to date. The original goal from was to create a visual that was clean, but yet stood out in a way that was different from the competition.

Project role:
brand and concept development, logo design, print vendor management, photography, and video production and direction

Featured deliverables: (click items below)


In-store banners

Thank you card (mail orders)

Social media videos

Store coupons

Gift cards

Direct mail

Retail bags

Wall brand display

Employee name tags

Promo cards

Inner/outer store banner

Sub-brand logo

Social media ads

Logo design


Video role for all videos: concept, director. Videography credit: Justin Robinson


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